The Beman Boutique is Open for "Business"

Beman students (with the support of Beman educators and staff) have established the Beman Boutique. The grand opening of the Beman Boutique was a huge success on December 2, 2022! Student volunteers sorted, organized and folded clothes, made Boutique flyers and signs and student volunteers "worked" at the Boutique in shifts.

This "Pop Up Thrift Store" helps reduce waste by “upcycling” and cuts down on "fast fashion" in addition to providing students with warm winter clothing. The shop will be open every Friday afternoon. 

Beman will accept donations of middle school sized clothing and styles are accepted. Due to space constraints, the Beman Boutique is only accepting cold weather clothing now. Interested in making a donation? Bring your lightly used clothing to the main office of Beman Middle School and label it "Beman Boutique".

Many thanks to Beth Weston Meekins for the story and photos!